Flying in for the Big Game?

Touch down into Luxury at Luxivair SBD

Flying in for the Big Game?

The Big Game is Sunday, February 13, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA

Luxivair SBD welcomes corporate customers and general aviation pilots to enjoy one of the country’s premier FBOs. Opulence meets comfort in our beautiful, thoughtfully appointed facilities offering a relaxing, enjoyable and world-class experience with freshly baked cookies on arrival.

We offer an exquisite environment on par with a five-star hotel that you will be proud to show your clients:

Let us make your trip to the 2022 BIG GAME the GREATEST!

  • Avoid the hassle of overcrowded Los Angeles-area airports and FBOs.
  • Luxivair SBD is approximately 78 miles from SoFi Stadium. (About 20 minutes by helicopter.)
  • Let our attentive customer service team assist you with ground handling.
  • Relax in opulence before the next leg of your trip.
  • Affordable aircraft parking and refueling fees.
  • Airside vehicle access.

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