Five Benefits of Flying Private for Business

Five Benefits of Flying Private for Business

Does your business travel to Southern California? If so, let Luxivair SBD be your destination of choice for flying private for business. You’ll discover an uncrowded convenience that’s found nowhere else in the region, enjoy our first-class service, and find everything you need to make your trip a success in our state-of-the-art facilities featuring a fully equipped business center.

Given the current state of air travel, there’s never been a better time to consider chartering private jets for business trips. While not booking charter flights, Luxivair SBD provides full-service support for all charters arriving at the FBO. Managing time, money, and productivity is crucial to an organization’s success, and flying privately can provide significant improvements to these.

Chartering a flight does cost more than tickets in coach, of course. But if you and your colleagues frequently fly in business or first class, or if you travel as a group, you might be surprised to find that the costs can be comparable. And when you factor in the benefits below, flying private can be a good business decision.

  1. Save Time when Flying Private

Any seasoned business traveler knows how even a short commercial flight can consume most of a day. Transportation time to and from the airport, arriving hours before take-off, waiting in lines to check baggage and go through security, all while hoping the flight won’t be delayed or cancelled.

Flying by private jet lets you bypass these grueling aspects of air travel and reclaim more of your most valuable asset: time.

When you fly private, you can arrive shortly before departure. No check-in, no boarding pass, no waiting in a TSA line, no lengthy layovers—and you won’t even have to throw away your cup of coffee. You’ll be on board in minutes, ready to get back to the business of your day.

  1. Greater Privacy and Productivity

Unlike crowded, noisy commercial flights, private jets provide the perfect work space for traveling executives. They are especially well-suited for teams on the go as well as for businesses that require discretion and value privacy.

In the comfort of a private jet, you can have confidential conversations, hold meetings, or give a presentation to coworkers without distractions or nosey seatmates. Since most private jets provide WiFi, you’ll have everything you need to conduct business as usual.

  1. Flying Private Provides Maximum Comfort

Once you’ve experienced flying privately, you’ll forget you ever thought that flying business class—or even first class—provided the utmost in comfort. Every aspect of traveling by private jet is designed with your comfort in mind, from spacious cabins, to luxurious seating, five-star amenities, and personalized service.

  1. Custom-Tailored to Meet Your Needs

You’re in control of the travel experience when you fly privately. Schedule the charter at the time that best suits you. Have special requests for your flight, like a catered meal? The attentive staff will be happy to accommodate them, so long as you let them know in advance. And if you get caught in traffic on the way to your flight, don’t worry—a private jet won’t take off without you.

  1. Greater Value of Flying Private for Business

If you typically fly in business or first class, flying privately may be a cost-effective alternative—particularly for groups of colleagues who need to travel together. Consider all the hours of unproductive time that commercial flying requires, then multiply by the number of travelers, and the true cost of lost labor becomes quite evident. Don’t forget to anticipate other potential costs associated with commercial air travel. Could a delayed flight significantly affect your business? If a team is traveling together and their flight is canceled, will you face the additional expenses of hotel rooms and meals?