Three Ways Luxivair SBD Is Green

Woman traveling through the airport with a suitcase

As Southern California’s premier FBO, Luxivair SBD takes its responsibility to the environment, to its customers, and to the surrounding community very seriously. Though the FBO isn’t 100% green yet, it has made great strides towards being green while maintaining the five-star reputation it’s known for.

  1. Hydrogen Cars

The newest additions to Luxivair SBD’s fleet of short-term vehicles are powered by hydrogen and offered by StratosShare. Four 2019 Toyota Mirai luxury sedans boast zero emissions and exclusive appeal. Hydrogen fuel-cell technology was designed to replace the internal combustion engine. Additionally, with hydrogen, nothing is burned so there’s no smog or greenhouse gasses entering the atmosphere and polluting the air—the only emission is water. It doesn’t get much better than that!

  1. Natural Light

One of the first things everyone notices about the Luxivair SBD terminal is its open-air lobby flooded with natural light. The facility was purposefully designed with wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows to take advantage of California’s famed sunshine—a free, all-natural source of light, and another way Luxivair does its part of being green.

  1. Ground Support Equipment

Recent acquisitions of low and zero emission ground support equipment include electric-powered aircraft tugs, a propane powered forklift, 10,000-gallon fuel trucks and aircraft ground power generators—all of which are compliant with the latest South Coast Air Quality Management District and the state of California Tier 4 emission standards. This new equipment ensures Luxivair SBD will contribute fewer overall carbon emissions.

The Bottom Line

Luxivair SBD’s environmentally friendly design, sustainable practices, and commitment to investing in alternative-fueled vehicles and equipment help the FBO reduce its carbon footprint—and do so without sacrificing the five-star service its customers expect.