5 Traits That Make Our Customer Service Representatives Great

5 Traits That Make Our Customer Service Representatives Great

Whenever and wherever you fly, everything should be perfect and seamless. That is how we make it at Luxivair SBD, California’s premier FBO. The way our customer service representatives handle every aspect of your visit will make you look back on your arrival with complete confidence and pleasure. Luxivair SBD believes that pilots and passengers deserve only the best. We make layovers or unexpected delays easier to bear thanks to the work of our team. Our customer service representatives devote themselves to fulfilling their role expertly… that’s just one thing that makes them first-class in the aviation industry.

  1. We put the customer first

Luxivair SBD customer service representatives make passengers and pilots feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they arrive. Every staff member working both airside and inside our FBO does whatever it takes to provide the best experience.

  • Baggage handling services
  • Cargo loading services
  • Aircraft positioning and towing
  • Rental car reservations and ramp-side vehicle access
  • Tie downs
  • Ground power units

When you arrive enjoy some fresh-baked cookies while you relax. Luxivair SBD customer service representatives work hard to provide everything needed to help our clients while waiting at the FBO, implement important meetings, or traveling around the area (you can take advantage of our car rental service).

  1. Being consistent and reliable

Our staff members make sure you receive the same high level of service whether you’re arriving at Luxivair SBD for the first time or the 100th. It’s essential to us that your experiences are consistently the best for each visit. We want you to associate the Luxivair SBD name with comfort, convenience, and elegance.

Our clients consider it a given that the car they ordered will arrive on time and your aircraft is ready to go when you’re ready to head out to your next destination. Tell us what you need and let a Luxivair SBD customer service representatives finesse the details.

  1. We show care and concern

From the moment your flight arrives and until your departure, our team is at ready for whatever you may require. Our line service technicians are on call to service your ground handling requirements and our concierge team is poised to accommodate your requests so can take your mind off any details while you enjoy the luxury and convenience of our FBO services.

  1. We understand there are no small problems

Little things can become big catastrophes when you travel. Luxivair SBD keeps that in mind when arranging your requirements…right down to giving you a handshake and sincere greeting upon arrival.

Anything you need, just ask. Our team goes above and beyond to handle your smallest frustrations.

  1. We handle everything quickly

Sometimes incidents crop up that affect your plans. All you need to do is call or stop by our concierge desk at arrival. Luxivair SBD customer service representatives jump into action to answer any task. Our speed of response and the effort put in to solve your needs is another aspect that sets our customer service apart from others in the industry.

Make flying easier by using Luxivair SBD’s FBO services.

We pride ourselves on being the premier FBO operator in Southern California. Our great customer service representatives have been the number one driver of our growth since 2012. The quality service given to our clients and pilots ensures our continued success, and we’re constantly looking for ways to make your flight experience even better.

For anything you need contact Luxivair SBD at (909) 382-6068.