Airport Facts

ContactsAirport Operations
(909) 382-2392
24-hour cell
(909) 382-6068
FAA Flight Planning ResourcesAirport Facility DirectoryInstrument Flight Procedures
San Bernardino INTL (SBD)34º 05’ 43” N117º 14’ 06” W
Fuel100LL, Jet A
ARFF Index CAvailable with 1 hour PPR; call Airport Operations
Runway 6/2410,000’ x 200’ (3,408 x 61 meters) 
S-97, D-265, DT-890, DDT-960
Rated for A-380 at 1,300,000 lbs.
Runway 6Category-1 Precision Approach, PAPI, designated calm wind runway.
Runway 24Visual, PAPI
Weather Data SourcesAWOS 3P
Airport Weather
(909) 382-0067
Ground Control121.8
SOCAL APP/DEP135.4 (S-SW), 134.0 (E-S),
127.25 (N-NE), 125.5 (SW-N)
119.65 (NE-E)
Pattern Altitude1959’ MSL-800 AGL
Time ConversionUTC-8 “-7DT”
RemarksFor landing permission of commercial aircraft and other aircraft operational concerns, contact Airport Operations.After hours general aviation fuel call FBO at (909) 382-6068
ContactsAirport Operations
(909) 382-2392
24-hour cell
(909) 382-6068
Current airport information is available in the Airport Facility Directory and Instrument Flight Procedures.