Choosing the Best FBO in Southern California for Your Business

Choosing the right FBO is a critical decision for corporate aviation customers looking for the ideal mix of comfort, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The answer is easy at smaller destinations, which may offer few options or just a single FBO. In busy regions like Southern California, though, there may be dozens of facilities to choose from.

How can you determine which FBO is best for your business, beyond having a convenient location? According to Aviation International News, a leading business aviation publication, important factors to consider include the facility’s amenities, customer service, and of course, fuel cost. An FBO that meets your needs across all these categories will ensure an optimal travel experience.

Easy Access

The location of an FBO is crucial for business efficiency. This is particularly important in Southern California, a region with notoriously busy airspace and crowded facilities. Luxivair SBD, located at SBD International Airport, helps customers bypass the dreaded congestion. Ideally situated just 60 miles east of Los Angeles and with easy access to major freeways, Luxivair SBD offers a strategic alternative to other Southern California FBOs—allowing you to save time and reduce the stress associated with navigating busier airports.

Facilities and Business Amenities

When evaluating a potential FBO’s facilities and amenities, think about your business’s needs and how the FBO can help to maximize productivity and efficiency. Executives on the go prioritize features like private conference rooms equipped with teleconferencing technology, where they can host catered meetings with local clients while connected with colleagues around the world. And don’t forget your pilot! Amenities exclusively for the use of pilots and crew rank highly among corporate clientele. Make sure the FBOs you’re considering include private spaces where pilots can rest and rejuvenate, or prepare for the next leg of the journey.

At Luxivair SBD, business travelers will find unparalleled resources that strike the perfect balance of comfort and functionality. Its amenities include an advanced conference room, flight planning room, crew lounge, exercise room, and a theater with stadium seating; the full-service business complex additionally provides total ground support, premium courtesy vehicles, traditional and hydrogen car rentals, and hotel shuttles.

Customer Service

While an FBO with modern facilities and the latest technologies might seem to check all the boxes initially, its staff and the services they provide are what turns one-time clients into loyal customers.

Assess the quality of an FBO’s customer service as you would any trusted business partner, identifying those with expertise and responsiveness. Its staff should be able to quickly handle any request, from booking ground transportation to filing international flight plans. Look for

evidence of staff longevity and their aviation experience. Beware of unclear pricing, slow reply times, lack of personalized service, and limited hours, as these could point to sources of frustration in the future.

From arrival to departure, the team at Luxivair SBD works together seamlessly to maximize convenience and minimize downtime. Our customers choose us with confidence, noting that our knowledgeable and friendly staff always make business here seem like a pleasure.

Fuel Costs

Because fuel costs make up a significant portion of overall operating expenses for corporate aircraft, FBOs must offer competitive pricing to attract business aviation customers. Even small variations in price per gallon add up to big differences over time.

In addition to comparing costs, make sure potential FBOs have reliable fuel availability and ample capacity to store it—especially if your business flies frequently or plans long-range trips.

At Luxivair SBD, Jet A and Avgas fuel are always competitively priced and there’s never a facility fee. In recent years, the FBO has significantly expanded its fuel farm and has partnered with TITAN Aviation Fuels—one of the largest suppliers in the country—to ensure that it can continue to provide the outstanding services and cost-effectiveness our customers expect.

The Luxivair SBD Advantage

Last year, corporate aviation at Luxivair SBD soared to record levels—it’s become the go-to FBO for discerning business travelers in Southern California. With its strategic location, top-tier amenities, and comprehensive services, Luxivair SBD offers significant advantages over other FBOs in the region.

When you partner with Luxivair SBD, you’re choosing an FBO that was designed for and caters to the nuances of business aviation. We ensure that every aspect of your visit will be handled with the highest level of care and professionalism, elevating the dreaded business trip into a five-star experience.