Behind the Scenes at Luxivair SBD: Where Every Day Takes Flight

Behind the Scenes

At Luxivair SBD, providing an unforgettable travel experience means delivering flawless service from the moment a customer’s wheels touch down. But orchestrating these seamless arrivals and departures requires a finely tuned team working tirelessly behind the scenes. Let’s take a look beyond the FBO’s sophisticated lobby and unparalleled amenities to learn more about the experienced professionals dedicated to making every flight first-class.

The Guiding Force

Wendy McConaughey, the FBO’s manager, has helped guide Luxivair SBD during its growth into the world-class operation it is today. With her “no job is too small” philosophy, this aviation pro is willing to get her hands dirty — and keeps a toolbox nearby in case her team needs assistance.

“There’s nothing I ask my people to do that I won’t do myself,” McConaughey says, recounting ground support duties like fueling trucks, handling baggage, and chauffeuring customers.

An Early Impression Inspired a Career

McConaughey’s passion for the FBO business was ignited during a charter flight she took as a passenger many years ago. Witnessing the well-oiled machine of top-tier service in action sparked her to recreate that elevated experience for clients at every opportunity.

“I learned the mindset necessary,” she explains. “When customers deplane, the FBO knows who they are, what transportation and services the passengers and aircraft may require. I love our atmosphere of service.”

That same level of seamless coordination is the reason Luxivair SBD continues to amaze first-time visitors. As one pilot said after a recent arrival, “I never knew there was a place like this here. They can lay me over for a couple hours anytime!”

Ground Control

Luxivair SBD’s highly trained line service technicians are the first point of contact for many customers. In addition to welcoming all arrivals, they operate ground service equipment, service aircraft, and efficiently manage marshalling, fueling, towing, parking, and other services. Given the diversity of operations at Luxivair SBD, where a typical day could see everything from small general aviation planes to commercial and military aircraft to massive cargo jets, the line staff at Luxivair SBD have the experience necessary to oversee the ramp. Says one member of the team, “Our goal is ensuring everyone’s safety while getting the job done right.”

Personal Ambassadors

No detail is too small — or job too big — for Luxivair SBD’s concierge staff. From welcoming arriving passengers with freshly baked cookies, to arranging bespoke amenities like catering for an executive meeting, to handling each pilot and passenger’s unique needs, these ambassadors ensure every guest receives exclusive VIP treatment.

The Engine That Keeps Luxivair SBD Running Smoothly 

While McConaughey oversees the big picture, her team is everything when it comes to keeping Luxivair SBD running smoothly. “The customer service team understands what our line staff does, and vice versa. Everybody knows something about everyone else’s role. We cross-train to deliver that elevated experience to every customer.”

With committed professionals like these who go above and beyond daily, it’s no surprise that the FBO consistently wows customers. All it takes is one visit to discover why Luxivair SBD is Southern California’s premiere FBO. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself, and learn how we can make your travel experiences in the region more memorable.