What’s the Difference Between a First Class Flight and Private Jet Charter?

passengers exiting private jet

If you fly a lot, whether for business or personal reasons, you know the pros and cons of air travel already. For longer distances, air travel is drastically faster than other methods. And it can be a huge bonus not to have to be actively engaged like when you’re driving. Having the travel time free to relax, sleep or work can be a huge plus for many travelers.

Discerning, frequent flyers are looking for something better than standard commercial air travel.

For a flight experience that elevates passengers above other travelers, there are basically two choices for those who don’t have their own private aircraft—First Class Commercial or Private Jet Charter. Let’s look at the difference between a first-class flight and private jet charter.

First-Class Flight: An Overview 

Almost all airlines offer multiple tiers of travel across their fleet. A few decades ago, there were basically two choices: First Class and economy. Things have changed significantly in recent years, with airlines rolling out all sorts of stratifications (for example, Basic Economy, Economy Plus, Premium Economy, Business Class, Upper Class, First Class). For this post, we’re considering anything in the First Class or Business Class tier compared to Private Charter.

Flying first class certainly elevates your experience and sets you apart from the rest. CNBC notes that just 5.3 percent of travelers in one survey window traveled in a premium cabin. You’ll definitely cut down on crowding and noise by traveling this way.

Obviously, First Class has its perks—cutting down on crowding and noise, lie-flat beds in private pods, and the food, snacks and drinks are always a significant step up. Traveling First Class also provides access to premium lounges in airports—a significant benefit if there is long layover time.

However, even First Class has its cons to consider. There is always the hassle of the public airport. Passengers may get treated like royalty once aboard the aircraft, but the process of getting through security (and customs, if needed) is not particularly enjoyable. And then, of course, First Class fares can be notoriously expensive. Obviously, most first-class travelers booking $32,000 suites on Emirates or Etihad aren’t doing it in search of a bargain. Even if the cost is not a prime concern, there comes a price point where it no longer makes much sense to fly commercial.

Private Jet Charter—An Attractive Alternative

The draw to First Class travel can be summed up in two elements: convenience and refinement.

But on both of these points, the Private Jet Charter can be an even more attractive alternative. The largest plus is convenience: when traveling by private jet, significant time can be saved over the public commercial airport model. Passengers drive up to their departure point and generally walk straight to their private jet with none of the usual hurdles or hassles normally experienced.

Private jets can land at almost every airport, most of which have their own private terminals. And by cutting out the lengthy security checks, layovers, and baggage processes, significant time and hassle can be saved.

The potential private jet passenger is often amazed at the possible economy of flying privately… especially if a group is traveling to the same destination. And at this time of caution across the world, companies, and individuals may feel flying privately avoids many health risks.

When all is considered, the refined traveler is also looking for an elevated, exclusive experience. Private jets invariably offer exactly that experience. Equally striking are the amenities on offer at many private terminals. Luxivair’s executive terminal at SBD International Airport is a perfect example. Luxivair SBD offers gleaming, high-end facilities full of impressive amenities—an executive meeting room, pilots’ lounge, any desired food service, an imposing viewing theater, snooze room, fitness room, and luxury car service—all giving the first-class touch after arriving at a faster speed to the Los Angeles region.

Arrive in a private jet at Luxivair SBD and flying will never be the same again.