5 Reasons Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Fly by Private Jet

people boarding private jet

As the country reopens and more flights take to the skies, private aviation terminals like Luxivair SBD are seeing a surge of inquiries from a brand-new segment of passengers: people like you and me who’ve never flown on a private jet before.

Why all the sudden interest? There’s never been a better time to fly by private jet! Here’s a look at the top reasons why flying privately is becoming more popular than ever.

  1. Lower-cost options offer mass appeal

Think private aviation is only an option for dignitaries or business moguls like Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey? Think again! You don’t need to own your own jet to fly privately. In recent years, the private aviation industry has expanded to offer lower-cost options that meet the needs of a wider segment of travelers.

  1. More affordable today than ever before

These days, reduced fuel prices and legislation in the CARES Act have decreased the costs of flying private even further, making it a viable alternative particularly for travelers concerned with congested public spaces. Flying by private jet has never been more affordable—in some instances, it can even be more economical than commercial flights.

  1. Flexibility travel plans? Save up to 75%!

For even greater savings, travelers with flexible schedules and destinations can look for “empty leg” flights. After a private jet drops off paying charter passengers, it often needs to go to a different airport to pick up new customers. To offset the costs of repositioning the aircraft, operators may offer seats at a deep discount—on par with flying commercially. Empty legs are particularly cost-effective for those planning to travel as a family or with a small group of friends. When the overall cost of an empty leg charter is divided among a group, the price per person can be on par with flying commercially.

  1. Reduced health risks

During this COVID-19 era, more and more people are considering private aviation as a way to reduce their risk of being exposed to airborne contagions. Those who fly privately get to choose their flight companions instead of being confined in close proximity to unknown travelers, and private terminals like Luxivair SBD strictly adhere to the most stringent cleaning procedures.

  1. Avoid the crowds and hassles

Flying by business jet through an uncrowded private terminal like Luxivair SBD makes air travel easy! Passengers enjoy speedy check-in, security, and boarding processes that allow them to bypass large crowds. Upon landing, they can simply deplane and be on their way, avoiding busy terminals and waiting at luggage carousels.

Anyone who is planning air travel should consider their options—there’s never been a better time to fly private. To arrange your first private charter flight or search for empty legs, check the Air Charter Guide.