5 Things to Consider About Your FBO

pilot flying plane

As a flight planner, selecting the right FBO is as much about satisfying the technical needs of your flight as it is delivering the needs of your exclusive passengers and flight crews. Is the FBO you most commonly use the best fit for your particular needs?

At Luxivair SBD we care about every aspect of your FBO experience and want to ensure that it is of the highest quality. Here are 5 questions you should answer yes to guarantee the best FBO that your flight team and expect.

1. Does your FBO offer high-quality facilities and amenities?

Does the FBO you choose meet the discerning tastes of your corporate and private aviation customers? Will they be as impressed upon their arrival as they are impressed with your aircraft? When your clients select only the best for transportation and accommodations, their FBO experience should match the same level of comfort and sophistication.

For pilots, an FBO is a valuable resource for flight planning and relaxation prior to the next leg of their flight. Does your current FBO offer such creature comforts as refreshments, a snooze room, a well-appointed pilot’s lounge with breathtaking views, fitness facilities or a movie theater with leather recliners and surround sound?

You should take time to consider if your FBO has a flight planning room that is equipped with internet access, computers, and other available resources. Examine the type of pilot’s lounge they have. Is it just a make-shift lounge or one that is equipped with top of the line furniture, appliances, and modern technology?

2. Does your FBO make an effort to understand your needs beyond the basics?

If your FBO truly values your business, it will make an effort to know your specific needs and accommodate them. Do they ask you for your feedback on their services or if there’s anything you need that they don’t offer? Does their customer service staff develop a relationship and rapport with you to anticipate your requirements and have all the necessary details arranged in advance of your arrival?

3. Does your FBO combine value with elegance?

Make a quick comparison of FBOs in your chosen area and you will see how vastly fuel prices can vary. Are you able to quickly and easily determine fuel prices? Are there other hidden or “surprise” fees? Is there a facility fee on top of other costs? Know before you go – value begins with reliability and transparent pricing.

4. Does your FBO have a competitive fuel program?

Inquire about the various fuel programs in which your selected FBO participates. Do they accept your preferred credit card or your fuel card’s reward program?

5. Does your FBO offer US Customs Clearance services?

Does the airport where your FBO is located have a dedicated US Customs officer on-site to ensure your flights are expedited through the clearance process so that your passengers can proceed without haste? An onsite officer ensures passengers, and crew spends minimal time clearing immigration and customs.

Did you answer yes to all the questions above?

If you didn’t answer yes to all or most of the questions above, then you need to review other options.

A quality FBO is a vital part of your flight team’s success. Contact Luxivair SBD, Southern California’s Premier FBO today. We have been providing distinctive five-star quality services for years while continuing to enhance our services and facilities with state-of-the-art amenities as we focus on exceeding our customer’s travel expectations!