Customers Landing at Luxivair SBD Discover $1 Still Goes a Long Way

landing fees

A lot has changed in the last 20 years, but at least one thing remains the same: the landing fees at Luxivair SBD. The fees, which have not increased since 2001, remain among the lowest in the region—and now, customers will have a convenient new way to pay them.

For the last two decades, SBD International Airport has assessed Luxivair SBD customers arriving with a Maximum Landing Weight (MLW) over 12,500 pounds at the rate of $1 per 1,000 pounds, while those weighing less land free of charge.

With the aviation industry and the world at large facing a long recovery from the pandemic, keeping landing fees low is vital. “Now more than ever, our customers need to know they can rely on Luxivair SBD to help keep their costs down,” says the FBO’s manager, Wendy Bechtel. “At the same time, we’re dedicated to finding new ways to improve their experience, which is why the Airport has begun using PlanePass, an automated system that offers seamless billing and payment of landing fees for our customers.”

A Convenient New Way to Pay Landing Fees

On April 1, 2021, SBD International Airport and Luxivair SBD transitioned to PlanePass, an automated billing solution by Vector Airport Systems. The system affords greater efficiency for customers—and it frees the FBO’s staff to cater to their every need even more attentively, delivering the five-star service Luxivair SBD is famous for.

The PlanePass system automatically captures aircraft IDs, calculates fees, and bills operators, who then pay using a self-service portal. PlanePass is also contactless—a necessary safeguard that protects both customers and staff.

Luxivair SBD and the Airport are committed to providing the easiest way into Southern California, and with PlanePass, customers can now breeze through billing and payment of landing fees and continue on their journeys.

Find out how easy the new system is to use by visiting Vector’s self-service portal at If you haven’t yet created an account there, the only information that’s needed is your Operator ID and an Invoice ID. Please note that Luxivair SBD no longer accepts cash payments for landing fee billable activities.