Luxivair SBD 10th Anniversary

Luxivair SBD 10th Anniversary

Luxivair SBD Celebrates 10 Years of Excellence

Luxivair SBD would like to extend our sincere “thank you” to the pilots, partners, and others in the aviation community who have helped make the FBO’s first ten years a soaring success. Seeing so many of our aviators during our anniversary party on May 19th filled us with such air force that we were floating on Cloud Ten as the evening channeled through many shared experiences and past flight procedures.

Thanks to you, the FBO’s first decade in business has been one with countless achievements and exceptional growth.

Customer-First Approach Fuels Growth

With its unique blend of convenience, competitive pricing, and five-star services and facilities, Luxivair SBD has become the FBO of choice for an increasing number of aviators in Southern California. Last year, corporate aircraft activity at SBD soared to new heights, setting an all-time record of 9,414 flights, representing a 15% increase over 2021 and 94% over the past five-years.

Wings like these keep Luxivair SBD flying high, where you can enjoy our calming atmosphere and your wallet will never skydive. We work continuously to deliver first-class amenities that will keep your travel experience aloft while enroute to your next safe landing.

Luxivair SBD Is Investing in the Future

To ensure superior service, maximum convenience, and minimum downtime, Luxivair SBD is continuously improving facilities and technologies with recent investments that include:

  • Additional attentive staff to meet your needs
  • Fuel farm capacity expansion
  • Carbon footprint reduction through alternative-fueled and electric ground support equipment
  • Onsite vehicle rentals that include zero-emission and luxury sedan options

Serving You Is Never Business as Usual

After a decade of providing excellence on the ground and in the air, Luxivair SBD has mastered the art of arrivals. We invite anyone planning air travel in Southern California—a region known for its notoriously busy airspace and crowded facilities—to consider the FBO as an alternative. At Luxivair SBD, you’ll discover a world-class terminal, unparalleled elegance, and a highly attentive and knowledgeable staff.