Learn About Luxivair SBD’s Impressive FBO Services

With any flight planning, cost savings are always an important part of the decision process. Luxivair SBD maintains very competitive pricing for its FBO services. In fact, our analysis of FBO fees in Southern California lead us to believe that we consistently offer fee structures one-third lower than our competitors.

All our services are designed to make your visit to Luxivair SBD comfortable, convenient, and speedy. Our world-class FBO facility is designed to answer your every need with: conference rooms; pilot lounge; flight planning room; high-atrium, open-air lobby; and professional concierge services.


    • We offer fuel discounts for single fills from 400 to 10,000 gallons. We also offer additional discounts for aircraft owners and operators who sign bulk fuel purchase agreements.


    • Parking is available for all size of aircraft. Parking fees can be waived with minimum fuel purchases.


  • We have a wide range of ground support equipment available to suit your needs, including:
    • towing tugs
    • tow bars
    • airside pick-up
    • baggage loading/unloading
    • ground power/air conditioning units
    • golf carts
    • cargo loaders
    • small/large forklifts and scissor lifts
    • cargo dollies

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Luxivair SBD can defuel your aircraft, service your potable and lavatory systems, and then refuel ready for take-off. We can also supply nitrogen for aircraft tires and oxygen for breathing systems replenishment.

The next time you travel to Southern California, make Luxivair SBD your final destination, and enjoy our impressive facility and support services.