NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference: February 7–10, 2017

If you are you planning to attend the 2017 NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference in Ft. Worth, Texas on February 7–10, please stop by Booth 1313 and say hello to Luxivair SBD…Southern California’s premier FBO.

As a world-class FBO, Luxivair SBD is dedicated to making our general aviation clients feel special. For personnel, we provide: superb conference facilities; exclusive concierge services; a restful pilots’ lounge; a flight planning and weather-briefing room with full technology; complimentary refreshments; and a theater with stadium seating. For aircraft, we provide: positioning and towing; servicing for fuel, oxygen, water and lavatory; and cargo handling.

From the moment you land at Luxivair SBD, you will be welcomed as a preferred client by our professional team. We can arrange car rentals and provide ramp-side access for any private transportation. Our international visitors can file an Overflight Exemption with US Customs and Border Protection, allowing them to land at Luxivair SBD and bypass traditional border airports.

If you are scheduling or dispatching private aircraft to Southern California, stop by our booth at NBAA SDC2017 to learn why Luxivair SBD must be your first choice. We look forward to meeting you and telling you more about how Luxivair SBD can serve you and your clients.