Six Tips for a Stress-free Travel Experience

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Using private aviation at Luxivair SBD for domestic and international trips can save a great deal of time and hassle often associated with air travel. When landing at an FBO, many of the same US Customs rules apply concerning identification and immigration. Let’s review some of the requirements set by the US government for any international private air travel.

Identification — Passengers on leased or chartered private aircraft need to have photo IDs issued by an authorized agency, such as a driver’s license. If you plan to travel abroad you will need a passport. This includes Mexico and Canada.

Visas — As with any international travel, visas may be required by the country you are visiting. Your air charter company or the US State Department can assist in determining the need for travel visas.

Arriving at the airport — When you arrive at the airport to check in for your flight, the charter company or your chief pilot will need to see identification for all passengers to create a manifest used for all government clearances. Keep your ID with you, don’t pack it in your luggage. The manifest in some cases will permit US Customs to pre-clear you, making your arrival more efficient.

Can I bring a different person on short notice? — Private aviation is different from commercial travel, because you don’t have to buy a ticket for each passenger. Keep in mind that if your travel will be on a small aircraft, adding passengers and their luggage might exceed the maximum allowed payload, be sure to contact your charter company and clear the changes with them to avoid delays upon arrival.

Will my luggage be searched? — Luggage is subject to the same inspection requirements as commercial air travel, so expect manual or electronic scanning to occur. You are also subject to the same prohibitions for goods on aircraft, including loaded weapons in carry-on bags, chemical sprays, knives or other sharp objects, etc. Contact your charter company for more information.

Can I take my pets? — Pets are normally allowed on private aircraft, but check first with your charter company. You should always carry your pet’s most recent immunization records for any trip, and if you are traveling internationally you may need a pet passport. Every country is different, so check first to avoid having your pet held at a foreign airport in quarantine.

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