Working with an FBO

Working with an FBO


Fixed-Based Operators are an integral part of the aviation industry. Originally little more than service stations for airplanes, early FBOs provided fuel, basic maintenance, and sometimes a place for pilots to grab a bite to eat. Modern FBOs have come a long way from these humble beginnings as they evolved to meet the needs of a growing industry with diverse clientele.

Today, flying into a world-class FBO like Luxivair SBD can be an experience in itself, where an impressive range of services and exclusive amenities provide an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience. Working with an FBO relieves the typical headaches that often occur when flying commercially.

Luxivair SBD can take travel to an entirely new level—if you know how to make the most of it.

What Exactly Is an FBO?

Simply put, an FBO is a company usually located at an airport that provides services to general aviation aircraft as well as their crew and passengers.

Aircraft services customarily provided by FBOs include efficient handling and fueling of planes as well as ground support equipment services, like stairways and tug vehicles. Some FBOs also offer on-site maintenance and repair.

Services and facilities that cater to the needs of customers visiting an FBO can run the gamut, ranging from no-frills all the way up to a level that rivals the finest five-star hotels, like at Luxivair SBD.

What’s the Difference Between a Good FBO and a GREAT One?

It’s all about the little things. For starters, you’ll be greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to help, so you can stay focused on whatever is most important to you.

When it comes to facilities and amenities, prepare to be impressed! Visitors to leading FBOs like Luxivair SBD enjoy sophisticated surroundings that are appointed with everything anyone might possibly need to relax or conduct business before taking to the skies again.

Luxivair SBD understands that every client is unique, and our staff go out of their way to offer personalized services to meet your specific needs. Need a quiet place to work? No problem! Or perhaps you’d like to arrange a more elaborate setup, including catering, for an important business meeting? Make sure you call ahead, and we’ll have everything ready upon your arrival.

How Can Luxivair SBD Transform the Way You Travel to Southern California?

Just 60 miles from Los Angeles and minutes from major interstates, Luxivair SBD offers uncrowded convenience and pricing that’s always competitive—a refreshing alternative in congested and costly Southern California.

For international flights, Luxivair SBD is simply the easiest and most efficient way to enter the U.S. via Southern California. Upon landing, onsite U.S. Customs expedites speedy clearance, so passengers can continue their travels without delay.

With its sophisticated facilities, opulent amenities, and array of five-star services, the stunning FBO at San Bernardino International Airport ranks among the finest anywhere, catering to discriminating business and leisure travelers, as well as pilots, crew, and aircraft.

Luxivair SBD offers a full range of aircraft services and a skilled ground support staff to ensure a quick turnaround. The MRO businesses at SBD International Airport maintain the performance and attractiveness of aircraft, improve fleet value and productivity, and meet strict federal regulations…while minimizing aircraft downtime.

Say goodbye to crowds and hello to the comfort and convenience of Luxivair SBD, where every flight is a first-class experience!