Experience Unrivaled Elegance and Customer Service at Luxivair SBD

Exceptional customer service is the mission of everything we do at Luxivair SBD, Southern California’s Premier FBO, at San Bernardino International Airport. Our attentive concierge staff oversees all aspects of your trip to maximize your business efficiency and personal time. From a rental car to a local hotel, or from executive conference rooms to restaurant arrangements, we provide you with impeccable service. Our staff ensures that we are aligned with your needs at all times.

While we make your arrangements, enjoy fresh-baked cookies and complimentary refreshments, relax in our comfortable and airy lounge and sit back in our stunning floor-to-ceiling glass and travertine lobby. The 12,000-square foot FBO provides a wide range of benefits and services for our visitors. As you enjoy our facility or the Southern California climate, the Luxivair SBD team handles all aspects of your visit, including:

  • Flight planning and weather briefing rooms
  • Executive conference center with state-of-the-art technology
  • Comfortable pilot lounge
  • Well-appointed snooze room
  • Outdoor and indoor lounges with vistas of the airport and surrounding San Bernardino Mountains
  • Stadium-style theater with overstuffed leather recliners
  • Rental cars
  • Courtesy vehicles
  • Available shuttle service to nearby hotels
  • Expedited on-site US Customs and Border Protection clearance for international travelers

For aircraft:

  • 10,000-foot runway
  • Baggage and cargo handling
  • Jet-A and Avgas fuel with some of the best prices in the region
  • Towing and repositioning
  • The Airport boasts five MROs on the field that can support nearly all aircraft maintenance needs
  • Ramp-side vehicle access
  • Ground power units
  • Free parking for up to four hours
  • Parking fees can be waived after four hours if a minimum fuel purchase is made; minimums based on aircraft size
  • Landing fees for aircraft weighing over 12,500 lbs are $1 per 1,000 lbs
  • Up-to-date fee schedule available at https://www.luxivairsbd.com/flight-planning/fees/

At Luxivair SBD, we will show you exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we aim to exceed your expectations every time you visit.