Luxivair SBD Supporting Air Tanker Base This Fire Season

Luxivair SBD is proud to support air tanker operations used to combat Southern California wildfires. Our 10,000-foot runway, rated for extremely heavy aircraft, enables us to support these operations. Also, since San Bernardino International airport is east of Los Angeles’s congested airspace, it is easier for air tankers to land and take off without delays.

A key part of firefighting operations is the use of DC-10 air tankers, which can carry up to 11,600 gallons of fire suppressant. This is a dangerous environment for turbine aircraft. The aircraft are able to safely operate at low altitudes and high temperatures. As the fire season continues, Luxivair SBD will stand ready to support air tanker operations.

Luxivair SBD has an extensive fuel depot of both 100LL and Jet A fuel, and a fleet of fueling trucks capable of rapidly fueling aircraft of all sizes. Our runway has a Category 1 precision approach for safe landings in reduced visibility conditions which can occur many miles from the fire zones. Of most importance is that the runway is designed to handle aircraft as large as an A-380 at 1,300,000 pounds.

If you require the availability of a heavy-rated runway with fuel and maintenance support, contact Wendy Bechtel, FBO Manager, at (909) 382-6068 ext. 411 for information about Luxivair SBD services.