Turbocharged by The Pandemic, Flying Privately Soars

flying privately soars

The numbers are in, and there’s never been a better time to fly privately. Turbocharged by the pandemic, annual operations at Luxivair SBD increased by 49% in 2020. The FBO’s growth mirrors a larger trend that is playing out across the aviation industry during the COVID era. More and more customers are seeking to avoid the congested public spaces often associated with commercial air travel and are flying privately instead.

Summer Brings Record Highs

After steadily increasing, private flights reached record levels this summer. A review of recent market research by Forbes [BP1] found that July 2021 was the busiest month for private flights in 14 years. Another study noted that the number of private jet flights in July was 30% higher than that same month in 2019.

And there’s no sign private aviation will slow down even as seasons change and kids return to school; analysts predict sustained growth in the sector. As COVID-19 continues to wax and wane, the benefits of flying privately will ensure it remains a popular alternative.

No Better Time

“There’s never been a better time to fly privately,” says Wendy Bechtel, Luxivair SBD’s manager. “People often think private aviation is an option only for the wealthy or corporations, but I encourage anyone who is planning air travel to consider their options.”

At Luxivair SBD, passengers can avoid the hassles they normally encounter during air travel and enjoy an uncrowded convenience that’s a refreshing change in busy Southern California. The FBO provides easy access to the region’s many attractions and its sophisticated facilities make it a destination itself.

“Luxivair offers everything passengers and pilots might need to relax, conduct business, or take to the skies again,” says Bechtel. “Our customers choose Luxivair for its central location, competitive pricing, and full aircraft services—and they return after experiencing a level of service that is beyond compare.”

Fly Privately with Luxivair SBD

At Luxivair SBD, we offer a premium flying experience for our customers. We promise you will experience the utmost in comfort, elegance and customer service. Reach out to us today to make a reservation.