Why More and More International Passengers are Choosing Luxivair SBD

international departures in airport terminal

Over the last five years, the number of aircraft clearing immigration and customs at Luxivair SBD and SBD International Airport has risen by 21% on average every year. This steady and prolonged increase in international travel contributes to the strong and sustained overall growth SBD International Airport has achieved across all categories of aviation traffic.

So, what’s sparking SBD’s appeal to international passengers?

Uncrowded Convenience

International flights can ease into Southern California through uncongested airspace by landing directly at Luxivair SBD or at SBD’s International Terminal, where all travelers are quickly expedited by friendly on-site U.S. Customs personnel. Capable of accommodating the world’s largest aircraft and efficiently processing a high volume of passengers, Luxivair SBD, together with the Airport, manages to do so with an uncrowded convenience that’s a refreshing change in busy Southern California.

With three major interstates just minutes from the Airport, it’s an easy drive to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Diego, and other destinations—making SBD the swiftest way for international passengers to enter the U.S. via Southern California.

Luxivair SBD is a Destination in Itself

Pairing the amenities of a luxury hotel with five-star service, Luxivair SBD wows international passengers with an unparalleled mix of elegance and efficiency. Inside its airy and sophisticated facilities, passengers and pilots find everything they need to relax, conduct business, or continue their travels, including:

• Personalized concierge services

• Corporate conference room

• Private movie theater with stadium seating

• Marble restrooms

• Pilots-only lounge, snooze room, and flight-planning area

• Convenient ground transportation options

An Upscale—Yet Cost-effective—Port of Entry

Luxivair SBD provides international passengers with a convenient, upscale alternative to Southern California, allowing them to bypass traditional border airports. It’s easy to see why more and more international passengers are choosing Luxviair.  With an approved Overflight Exemption from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, private aircraft operators have discovered the most convenient and rewarding way to experience international travel.